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"Internet dating sites give good info... but MatchMatrix is the real qualifier...

The pictures and questionnaires on the Internet dating sites give good information but MatchMatrix is the real qualifier. In minutes MatchMatrix evaluated 20 women I submitted and identified the four I'm emotionally aligned with. It's terrific."

H.R. - Chapel Hill, NC



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How many times in the course of a day, week

or month do you meet someone new and

wonder if you would click?

Have you ever speculated about your

compatibility with someone for a

long-term relationship?


What would it be worth to instantly know the answers to these questions:

• Can we talk with each other?

• Can we trust each other?

• Will we meet each others needs?

• Can this relationship last?

Thanks to the science of MatchMatrix, you can find out in seconds whether you and any other person would be a good match.  With MEnU Credits, all it takes to discover a relationship’s long-term potential is an Internet connection.

You get two scores, one for Friends and one for Lovers

The Friends score lets you know if you can communicate easily, share the same friends, have the same sense of humor and enjoy each other’s company. You also find out if you can keep up with each other.

The Lovers score lets you know if you’re sexually compatible.

Purchase credits now and you will have instant access, anytime, to

Credits are available individually for $1.97 each or in bundles of 20 for just $19.97, a savings of 50%.  Purchase a bundle today and watch your doubts melt away. Each credit gets you one Friends and Lovers Rating.

We are so confident in the power of
these credits, we offer a 30-day money back
guarantee! So give it a try today?

"I have run numerous MEnU credits and share them with family and friends. Knowing the energetic alignments of my relationships has helped me better understand and appreciate the people in my life. I run the credits when looking at new or existing relationships and find it to be a fast and powerful tool."

      - Molly, Newport Beach, CA

In a relationship…

  • Are you ready to take the guesswork out of your romantic life?  At last, you can focus on making your relationship work rather than wondering what’s really going on!
  • Get answers that help you appreciate each other and let go of guilt, blame and resentment.


  • Are you looking for a way to save time and anguish? 
  • Would you like to know if a person has potential before you send dozen of emails or decide to meet in person? 
  • Would it be nice to know if you have what it takes before moving across country to live with each other?


"It was not easy to get back into dating.  The MatchMatrix rating system made a huge difference for me.  Not only was I able to put my divorce behind me, it helped me regain my self confidence. I like me again!  And so do my friends.

I absoluetly make sure I run every guy I meet through this system.  I even run reports for my girlfriends.  The accuracy is amazing.  I won't waste my time on a guy that does not score high. No way!

      - Rene Jennsen

How does it work?
Select someone you’re curious about?  Enter your birth dates, click a button and get your scores.  You’ll instantly know if the relationship will be easy or difficult.

If you get high ratings with a person, there's real potential here and the relationship is worthy of more time and focus.  The next step is to order a MatchMatrix Relationship Report.  An in-depth analysis of all the factors influencing a relationship positively and negatively, it will explain how to appreciate your similarities and embrace your differences.

If the ratings are low, you will know what to expect in a long-term, intimate relationship. Knowledge is power!  The decision is now yours—move on and find a more compatible partner or use your new-found insights to improve your relationship.

Start now with
and know easily and quickly how well you match with anyone!




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