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Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood

Friends 94%
Lovers 94%

October 19, 2009

Check out those ratings! Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood are a perfect match. 

But Garth's marriage to Yearwood did not come without a good deal of controversy, which in part could explain Brooks decision to retire in 2001. In October, 2009 Garth announced he's coming out of retirement beginning with a 16-week show at the Wynn in Las Vegas beginning in 2010.

Why the controversy and early retirement? 


In 1986, Brooks married Sandy Mahl, whom he met while working as a bouncer at the Tumbleweed bar where he used to perform. Despite repeated rejections, Brooks with Mahl at his side moved to Nashville and eventually signed a deal with Capital records. His first album was an overnight success. Brooks career blossomed and so did his family. The couple had three daughters together. Yet, in 1999, Brooks separated from Sandy, their divorce becoming final in 2001.

Despite his amazing success and positive impact on Country Music, Brooks has taken a substantial beating from the media. From controversial lyrics to less than anticipated album sales, the criticism has been relentless.

It wasn't just his musical talent under attack. In the mid-1990s, many tabloids reported throughout the decade that he was actually having an affair with longtime friend and tour buddy Trisha Yearwood. The two have continually denied having had an affair. Following Brooks' divorce, however, the pair did begin dating, and they wed on December 10, 2005, at their home in Oklahoma, marking the second marriage for Brooks and the third for Yearwood.

Garth has False Attractions, which means he would find little interest in a woman with the same Logical Communication style as his own. Trisha is Logical Communication Style, so we can expect that his early experiences with Yearwood were indeed more a friendship and nothing more. It would be reasonable to think their primary connection was as performers. Our explanation is that the quality of their energetic connection while working closely together set the stage (pun intended) for them to feel closer and closer over time.

We have been unable to get a birth date for Sandy Mahl to know the energetic quality of her relationship with Garth. Whatever that might have been, however, Garth and Trisha would have been compelled to be together. This goes far beyond Attractions. They share a much deeper, visceral connection the tabloids cannot explain. This comes from sharing all four MatchMatrix Lifestyle traits, shown below in the summary page of the Relationship Report. They have a true soul mate connection.

Keep in mind that our ratings system could have picked Garth and Trisha out of a crowd based only on their birth dates. The same could have been done for Faith Hill and Tim McGraw (Friends 87, Lovers 87) as well as Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes (Friends 86, Lovers 86).

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Summary page from Garth and Trisha's Relationship Report
Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood Summary

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